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Big Max - Travel Cover - IQ
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Big Max - Travel Cover - IQ

RM 859.00
The Big Max IQ travel cover has been designed with a 6-wheel push cover that takes the stress away from your back and enables you to maneuver the travel cover easier over all kinds of surfaces.

The 6-wheel designs other features is that it makes the IQ travel cover stand upright when loaded with your golf bag. When not in use the Big Max IQ travel cover folds down into the size of the base for storage convenience. With its easy access main large compartment featuring internal straps to keep your bag in place during transportation the Big Max IQ travel cover certainly makes travelling with your golf clubs stress free.

With outer padding at the top of the bag you can be assured that your club will turn up at the other end in one piece and ready to be used straight away. External Straps and accessory pockets help increase storage and make sure that your golfbag will not move around inside the travel cover.

Product Features

  • Collapsible 
  • Travel cover 
  • Upright loading mechanism 
  • Easy to push due to 4 wheels 
  • IQ sub brand for smart and compact solutions 
  • Embroidery program 
  • Weight: 5,2 Kg 
  • Size: approx. 130x42x35 cm